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New tac light

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Been shopping for a halfway decent laser/light for my G2 and didnt want to break the bank. Ive previously owned a Streamlight TLR-2 in the past and thought it was the best combo for the money so decided to go that route (kind of) again. I found Some TLR-2 clones made by Lightspeed that got overall good reviews and can be had for around half the price of the Streamlight. Was about to buy one when I found, after LOTS of searching, another TLR-2 clone for half the price of the Lightspeed! I was a bit skeptical about quality, since everything else in this range for a combo is cheaaaaap junk like the flimsy Insight M6X clones. It arrived today, and I must say, at $59 SHIPPED this is by far the best combo I have seen for the money. Its made of aircraft aluminum, fully adj, and not cheap feeling in any way. Feels just like my TLR-2 did except for the main on/off toggle which isnt quite up to par, however its compatible with the Streamlights so I may get a tailswitch from them.
It has the momentary on/constant rocker, then the small mode toggle just like the TLR. Best of all, it has 5 modes instead of 2 or 3. Light, laser, both, light strobe, laser strobe, all at a good 200lm.
Im stoked about how cheap and nice this combo is. Anyone who has owned or used one of those M6X clones knows exactly what I was expecting when I got this. Definitely extremely and pleasantly surprised.
It survived 200 rounds at the range today without losing zero or falling apart, its looking promising.

Sorry for the bad quality pics, wife has my phone and camera and isnt home so I had to use the laptop cam =(
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Guns and,.... model air planes?

JK, it's hard to miss.
Remote control jets, hey everyone needs hobbies =)
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