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New shotgun

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Went to town today to goof off, really. Took some money in case I came across a shotgun I wanted. I've been wanting this Turkish 20 gauge OU they have at Academy for $385, but also been kinda wanting a coach gun. Thought I'd check the pawn shops and gun shops. Stopped at the first gun shop and found a like new used Remington Spartan 20 gauge side-by-side, interchangeable chokes, double triggers, extractors, for $299. It looks unfired and the choke tube packaging hasn't been broken into. The guy got it for a Christmas present and didn't like it and traded it in. Well, it's perfect, will fit in the top box of my GoldWing when broken down which I WILL appreciate next dove season. This year, I rode up to my buddy's house for opening weekend of dove season and had to strap my Winchester 1400 in a gun case to the back of the bike. I was a paranoid SOB every time I had to gas up and go out of sight of it to pay. Now, I have a gun I can lock up! I just hope it patterns well, be trying that tomorrow. Also bought some slugs and #3 buck to test for defensive duty.
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