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New range gun

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After buying a Canik55, I realized the quality of Turkish firearms and bit the bullet so to speak and picked up a new pure target gun.
Im sure many of you have seen or at least heard of the Tisas 1911s since they are so hot right now, I however went another route.
This is the Tisas Zigana Sport, an alloy frame, 5.11" compensated barrel beast of a gun.
The single action trigger is light, to say the least, perfect for target shooting. Has a decocker/safety slide mounted (ugh) although I looked past the slide mount because the gun is so awesome and I wont be carrying it.
The milling, slide/barrel, barrel/frame fit is PERFECT, and overall quality is fantastic, the only downside is the grips, but im going to try and get some custom G10 or micarta grips made. In terms of quality id put the machining and fit up to par of guns easily 2x or more of its price.
Cant wait to get it to the range and give you guys a range report.

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congrats, have fun with it. :thumb:
Thanks! I plan to have a lot of fun with it.
Double action is heavy and loooong. Makes my 24/7 G2 feel like a hair trigger. Thank god I wont be using it in DA. Reset is absolutely beautiful though. Just like my PT111 G2.
Congrats on your new pistol!:thumb:
I was thinking of getting one of those. Btw there are some cool vids on youtube of a fully automatic version of that pistol I think (or one similar to it).
Very nice! I didn't even know of that model. Congrats! :cool:
Congrats on a fine looking pistol. Have fun shooting it!
Congratulations on your new Tisas Zigana Sport! :icon_ lala:

:r_c: Tisas is an ISO 9001 rated company that makes outstandingly well built and finely finished side arms.

Their factory standards & torture testing equals or surpasses Glocks.

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COngrats!! That is a fine looking weapon you have there!!
Hope it is not rude to ask what the price point is on that. It looks gorgeous.
That looks badass!
Congrats! That's a good looking gun. Keep us updated on it. Very interested in one
Hope it is not rude to ask what the price point is on that. It looks gorgeous.
I looked them up and they were actually pretty reasonable - I want to say sub $400? I'll have to look.
Hope it is not rude to ask what the price point is on that. It looks gorgeous.
$400 for black, $430 for chrome slide. As with all Turkish guns at the moment, they are being undersold in the US to get a market.
This model sells in countries around Turkey for $550-600usd. I did a lot of researching haha.
Ill buy em while I can for cheap, Canik55s have already raised $100+ in the past year alone. Once they get known as HIGH quality guns theyll raise, just like everything else.
The smaller ATI imported version used to be $299 couple years ago....see a pattern? Haha
Gorgeous pics!! I would like the ST-10...they are creeping up in price...
Gorgeous pics!! I would like the ST-10...they are creeping in in price...
Me too, I actually liked the ST10 I shot more than my USP lol
Congratulations on your new firearm.
Turkish manufactures are turning out some very good quality weapons!
I figure by 2030 we will be driving our electric cars to the local gun shops to buy our new Turkish introductions while watching the new F-47 fly overhead that we have contracts with Turkish arms dealers to supply us with.
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