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New R92 44 Mag Shooter

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I have read enough to realize that my concerns here are related to the ammo, but I wanted to get some feedback anyway. I just took out my new R92 Lever Action 44 Magnum for the maiden shoot. I started with 44 Special off-the-shelf, no jacket. I have it dialed in pretty well with the stock sights, grouping maybe 5 inches at 75 yards.

When I changed over the to 250 grain FMJ Magnum ammo, I was all over the place. The much hotter round was off the target center by as much as 10 inches and random in direction (High, right, left, etc.)

Is this typical?

I am not a long-gun expert. Done a lifetime of shotgun hunting and pistol target. I have an M1 Garand that I group a 3" circle at 100 yards with iron sights. I know it's not my shooting skills...

I will say the 44 Mag packed considerably greater kick. I have been reading that thin-walled barrels like this have some "whip" that is related to shock waves or vibration that distorts the barrel a little. Is this what I am seeing here?

Feedback appreciated. Flaming accepted...
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You are comparing pumpkins to missiles. A lot of lever actions have a "lazy" twist hence the lighter bullets work better. By the way what is the twist on your 92?
Ha Ha... yea, I get that pumpkin vs missile difference. I could feel it big-time.

None of the specifications I see anywhere tell me the "twist". I assume you mean the number of revolutions of the rifling over the barrel length. I have the 20" barrel stainless model. The website doesn't say anything either.

I noted that the 44 Sp bullets were non-jacket (soft), and the 44 Mag bullets were full jacket. Do you think that has an influence too?

I am going to learn this stuff, as I get into collecting firearms before you can't do it any more. I'm in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia, and I am buying guns of various types just so I can have them when they completely shut down our buying rights. I doubt they will every try to take them away, but I do see the buying becoming more and more restricted here with all the uber-liberals.
Looks like you have a 1:30 twist. My Henrys run a 1:38. I have found that the 185gr HP shoot much better than the FMJ 230gr I have.

Just put a 44 Mag. 16inch barrel M92 in layaway....

The Puma 44 Mag rifles I've owned in the past ..grouped well with 240 gr. JSP ...and 240 LSWC
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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