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I wasn't terribly enamored with the "Taurus Security System" (hammer lock) when I bought this gun but I certainly didn't expect it to fail after one trip to the range. Long story short, the hammer lock engages the strut whether it's spun to the lock or unlock positions. I detail stripped the gun last night and decided to scrap the hammer altogether rather than sending the gun back to Taurus. I ordered a Nowlin hammer. I'll update this post when the new hammer shows up from Brownells. Hopefully the trigger pull and function will be satisfactory, otherwise I'll have to bite the bullet and get the matching sear and disconnector. I will have to say that the gun is terrific shooter and the trigger pull felt great.

Anyone else had this "feature" fail?

FWIW, I tried to use a punch to drive the lock pin out of the hammer but that little sucker is really in there. I briefly entertained Dremeling it out but I'm not that ambitious and I may decide to send the gun back someday with the factory hammer installed for repair... although I highly doubt it.
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