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New PT1911

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As of late I've been pondering the thought of buying a new 1911, but the funds weren't available, until yesterday. I came into a little money and went to the shop to pick up my Marlin 336 that was in for a repair. While waiting I spotted a PT1911 in the case. I asked to see it and fell instantly in love with the thing. After a long inner battle with myself (which took about 2 hours), I walked out with my repaired 336 and a new 1911. Wife will most likely kill me with it one day (when she finds out).

Anyway, long story short. I took it to the garage to field strip it and give it a good cleaning. When I went to reassemble it I got stumped at the slide stop. It just doesn't want to reseat properly (what am I doing wrong?). Now this is my first foray into the 1911 series, so I'm learning as I go. I did as the manual said and I've been assembling and reassembling over and over to no avail. I've already emailed a member for some help, but my patience is wearing thin (with the gun, not the member).

I had a similar problem when I first owned my Millennium pros. I eventually got the hang of pulling the trigger while pulling out the slide (it is a bit tricky though).

Anyway, can anyone help me out?


P.S. Regardless, I still love the gun. For me it seems perfect. I just need to get a chance to shoot it.
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never mind, I finally figured it out. I didn't see that tiny little half moon on the slide. I need new glasses :D , boy do my finger tips hurt.
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