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In my opinion, and that is all it is, most well-made 1911s do well right out of the box, depending on the degree of "fixitis" the new owner has. If the owner, whether or not a newbie, will just do what the average gun owner should do, everything will be fine. That is, for the majority of us, just shoot it, treat it like any other well-made, expensive tool. There is usually no need for frequent, continuous, detail stripping and even worse, amateur tinkering. There are those who do have the expertise to change all or none of the features of a pistol and get away with it. The majority do not. Many of us, myself included, would prefer to shoot the thing, keep it clean and know it can be enjoyed for more than just one generation. Pistols that are new on the scene do have teething problems; certainly, the PT1911 has been one of them. But I have found only one commentator who had the good sense to ask Taurus what guns had the problems and when. They told him most of the problems; i.e., ambi-safeties, mags, hammerlocks, etc., occurred in the first pistols made from 2006 back and many of them had the letter "Z" in the first portion of their ID serial numbers. The pistols made later with the letter "N" are okay and function like they should. It is my belief that sharing more info like this would benefit all of us and be a lot more helpful than the "bashing" all of us have witnessed in past months. There should be other, more beneficial information, if we would just seek it. Of all the forums on the 'net, I believe this is is where it should be. Don't you?
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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