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The 1911, for me, is naturally easier to shoot well. Perhaps that's why the pistol has commanded such a following over the years. I'm not much of a technical expert on 1911's, but the ones from the arms room racks I fired for years were only better than the ones now in that they could take a lot more dirt and still function.

I haven't found any 1911's I didn't like. The only one I own is a PT1911B. I bought it on price after reading mostly positive reviews. I haven't been disappointed. No function problems, shoots (if I let it) darned accurately and I've had zero reliability problems. In the end, those three things are all that matters. I'm long past being impressed by how much something costs and am more impressed by how well it works. The last thing I worry about is someone telling me how much he dropped on his "better gun" and how his cousin's, wife's, uncle's friend had all kinks of problems with a Taurus 25 years ago.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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