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new pt1911

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just went by academy and picked up a new 1911 that ive been wanting for about 2 years.

first impressions, very nice though the lettering on the slide dosent stand out very well. way too much oil in the packing and i had to take down the pistol and give it a good cleaning.

one problem, maybe ya'll could help, is that sometimes the slide does not lock back on an empty mag. when this happens the slide gets hard to move and the mag will not eject. if i slap the mag again it frees everything up.

ive heard that the taurus mags arent the best, would this be a mag problem or do i need to take the pistol down again and try to find some of the original packing grease that i missed?
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also already gotten one "why'd you get a taurus, they suck" comment. (not bad for one day)

seems to be the same reaction i used to get when i was playing paintball. people get upset when they see a tool perform just or almost as good as theirs at half the price.
scwilli said:
also already gotten one "why'd you get a taurus, they suck" comment. (not bad for one day)

seems to be the same reaction i used to get when i was playing paintball. people get upset when they see a tool perform just or almost as good as theirs at half the price.
You could had told them,"They can't suck too bad if Clint Smith and Mas Ayoob like them.

I like mine and I am glad to see these pistols in official competitions.
unfortunately most people who say "they suck" have never even owned one themselves.
I ran into it all the time, they are snobs. Do not own one or have never shoot or handled one.
The best way to handle a "brand name snob" is to outshoot them with your cheap pistol. You won't even have to ask them if they now think your Taurus sucks.
the more i play with the pistol the less often the slide problem occurs. just a new thing or did i bend something the right way while constantly racking the slide with a sht eating grin on my face?
If you do a search at this board or read curent threads magazine problems abound. Same is true for other brands,makes, and models at the other gun forums. So it's not just a Taurus thing.

In those threads is advice to get other replacement mags. Chip MCcormick or others like it.

MecGar and ProMag have cheaper mags that can work.
Congrats on the new 1911 :clap: I have learned not to listen too much to the people that say brand X sucks. If I had listened to all of those people I never would have owned any/most of the guns I have/had. I will admit that I am a cheap cheap bastard, I don't like to spend alot of money if I don't have to. I've had my 1911 for almost a month and except for the problem I had with the safety it has worked FLAWLESSLY. In the month I've owned it I have already put around 600 rounds through it. And I plan to put another 300 through it this weekend. It was after cleaning I encountered the safety problem cost me $50 to have it replaced, which I had planned on doing anyways. It is a great gun and I don't regret buying it one bit.
My PT 1911 mags started nose diving at around 200 rounds so I picked up a Novack if you take them apart you can see the difference in sping quality and follower I just baught a Chip McCormick the other day and have not had a chance to shoot. I called Taurus about the mags and they said send them in and they will replace them they were polite and so far no problem. the Gun is awsome and I'm a 1911 fan I've shot just about every kind not every variation but many brands and I'm truly happy with my gun so enjoy yours try a new mag and if it dose not work call customer service.
scwilli said:
also already gotten one "why'd you get a taurus, they suck" comment.
last guy said that to me, i just grabbed him by the throat and squeezed really hard. he didn't say much of anything after that. poor little POS.
The first time to the range I listened to the taurus is crap from a friend he's a glock and colt fan. Well staight out of the box I out shot his famous Glock that he carries and his prize colt compact. He shot my PT1911 and said it was ok he hated the sites, I had never shot heinie sites before and they take getting used to. I noticed a guy a few lanes over shooting a 1911 and he was amused by are banter about the Taurus so he walked over and asked if I wanted to shoot a real 1911 a Kimber. A vary nice gun I've shot them before but did not let on. Up went the new targets regular man size targets I asked if he wanted center or head and he said center. mine were a little tighter so he asked to shoot my Taurus i said sure he ran 3 mags through it and said he heard they were junk but was impressed I finished with a couple mags with his Kimber vary light trigger job smoth shooting but I was happy with mine and he left impressed my friend I don't think will ever recover LOL :)
Treatment for shock should have immediately. The goofy part is that there are Kimber,Springfield, and the other high priced spread 1911 gun owners here at this forum. Or have both Taurus and the pricier guns, yet don't laud or lord it over anyone.

Funny how that works.
One of the frequent musings of the gun writers over the years is about how tough the 1911 design is, then they make it sound like there's nothing tougher, and then in other articles one finds out that the design has it's Achilles heel in certain places in the 1911 design.

The 1911 is a very good combat pistol, but the writers have to stop giving it mythical status.

I'm not going to have a complex because of a supposed superiority of the 1911.

For those of you who have any kind of 1911, bully for you. You've got a great one. Just be aware that us other gunnies don't give up anything by owning what we do.Staff and members here don't seem to have the 1911 cult status problem, but people who visit here (lord, have the visitor numbers increased) just might.

Most pistol designs hold up nicely in the field. But It can be seen where there's some bias by some of the gun writers, shakers, and movers. The 1911 has withstood the test of time in combat, but there are pasts that broke in combat that have made inoperable..... at times. Not that frequently, but it has happened.

Guess this is being all said because it's easy to forget this stuff.

Taurus did it right. Got input from the real shooters and sought out data to make good judgements on. Then incorporated some nice 'extras' that cost more on the custom guns.

People can work on the triggers if they want to, but in most ways they may not want to or have need.

One of the forgotten things about defense guns is holding an attacker at bay until the police get there. There are plenty of times the attacker/s give up. Holding a single action psitol with a light or very light trigger pull can be a set up for an accidental shooting. The user being under stress with a very light trigger can inadvertantly trip the trigger. Accidental shooting gets one sent to jail and the guy who surrendered is dead or badly hurt.

Training takes care of that to some extent, but after a defense scenario is over civilians and police have done silly things and shot the holster,themselves,things, or other people.

So it behooves the user of the 1911 not to have too light a trigger pull. Light trigger pulls that work well on competition guns might not be right for defense work.

All this may be old hat to most, but is getting put in here for those who don't know about this.

Having covered all that has been covered it's time to put the :soapbox: :deadhorse: away. :)
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Qwiks draws is right about the 1911 and some of us owners. I also carry my two Rossi revolers a 462 and 971. I have as much faith in them as I do my 1911. I do not know why any one needs to lighten the trigger on the pt1911. Mine fills just fine, with the right let off.
Qwiks Right I have and shoot my 1911. I would carry it but only because I've shot one all my life. And have developed a habit of removing my finger and setting the safety if I was to hold someone for police I'd hope I would resort to habit. It is a gun you have to baby and take care of kind of like a AR-15, they all have there own personallity's. I'm much more comfortable with my XD-9 more ammo and it shoots anything I put in it. The new Taurus 45's coming out Have deffenetly got my attention. The 1911 is just a legend Like the M1 Garrand, and we collectors tend to be protective of them for that reason alone. Just my $.02 :)
In my opinion, and that is all it is, most well-made 1911s do well right out of the box, depending on the degree of "fixitis" the new owner has. If the owner, whether or not a newbie, will just do what the average gun owner should do, everything will be fine. That is, for the majority of us, just shoot it, treat it like any other well-made, expensive tool. There is usually no need for frequent, continuous, detail stripping and even worse, amateur tinkering. There are those who do have the expertise to change all or none of the features of a pistol and get away with it. The majority do not. Many of us, myself included, would prefer to shoot the thing, keep it clean and know it can be enjoyed for more than just one generation. Pistols that are new on the scene do have teething problems; certainly, the PT1911 has been one of them. But I have found only one commentator who had the good sense to ask Taurus what guns had the problems and when. They told him most of the problems; i.e., ambi-safeties, mags, hammerlocks, etc., occurred in the first pistols made from 2006 back and many of them had the letter "Z" in the first portion of their ID serial numbers. The pistols made later with the letter "N" are okay and function like they should. It is my belief that sharing more info like this would benefit all of us and be a lot more helpful than the "bashing" all of us have witnessed in past months. There should be other, more beneficial information, if we would just seek it. Of all the forums on the 'net, I believe this is is where it should be. Don't you?
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The 1911, for me, is naturally easier to shoot well. Perhaps that's why the pistol has commanded such a following over the years. I'm not much of a technical expert on 1911's, but the ones from the arms room racks I fired for years were only better than the ones now in that they could take a lot more dirt and still function.

I haven't found any 1911's I didn't like. The only one I own is a PT1911B. I bought it on price after reading mostly positive reviews. I haven't been disappointed. No function problems, shoots (if I let it) darned accurately and I've had zero reliability problems. In the end, those three things are all that matters. I'm long past being impressed by how much something costs and am more impressed by how well it works. The last thing I worry about is someone telling me how much he dropped on his "better gun" and how his cousin's, wife's, uncle's friend had all kinks of problems with a Taurus 25 years ago.
From what I've seen with my 2 Taurii, they are great guns at a great price. Do they have problems? Yes occassionly but those same problems are had with your more expensive manufacturers too.
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