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new pt145 range report (kinda)

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Well, I only had a limited time at the range today (bout 40 min) but it was very instructional. The 45 had two ftf's on first mag, but I only got off about 40 rounds, so who knows. I just slingshoted them into the chamber and away they went. My groups were about 4" at 7yds, but that's not the guns fault (it's ALL in the breathing and the "SURPRISE" :eek:, folks). It seemed to shoot slightly high, not R or L, but high, which REALLY surprised me cause when I got home I noticed the rear Heinie was loose. I'll know more next trip. I spent too much time coaching the girl and musing over the Rossie 38 that broke AGAIN (failure to rotate, if'n that's a term)! Overall, I'm happy with the pt145 and I DO rely on it in a pinch. Can't wait till next trip, but I gotta :'(. Oh yea, biggest recoil I've had in a 45, but I'm cool with that. My girl saw the recoil and said "no way" but she's gotta shoot it on the next trip. She MUST B able to shoot anything in the house.
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