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New PT140 G2 millennium. Stainless/Grey. Sight issues

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Well I decided to take a chance and give it a go. Price was too good to pass up. Capacity and size was so tempting as a possible carry gun. Figured I could step up to something with a bit more bang and capacity then my LCP.

Well I can honestly say I would rather shoot the LCP at the range. And I think I can hit the target better with it too past 7 yards...

This cute little thing was no fun at all. Trigger was uncomfortable and the sights were insanely off. At 5 yards it was hitting a foot off where I was aiming.

I thought good grief did I get that tired? I pulled out my new Ruger American 45acp. First shot dead on. Nice tight group thru the mag. It was not me...

Has anyone had a new gun sighted that far off? What do I do to get it sighted in proper. Strap it in a bench vise and tweak it? Are there any tricks to smooth out the Trigger make it more pleasant?

Thanks you guys!
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My first reccomendation in cases like this is have another experienced, known good shooter to fire the gun and see how it prints, then second is to rest the weapon and fire it from bags and see what the outcome is.
triggers can be fixed, just understand that IF Taurus finds out that you have done anything like that they void the guns warranty.
there are many way to adjust sight =POI , but you are somewhat limited in those choices as sights (high/lower) may be very hard to find for a Tauurs brand weapon and generally speaking Taurus itself doesn't offer any choices to my knowledge.
.40 in a small gun can be a hand full. Those first few shots could have
given you a flinch problem you may not notice.

Once you go back and pick up something you're familiar and comfortable with
you'll certainly shoot it just fine.

I've got a 24/7 PRO C in .40. When I got it, it was a big change from the G22.
I've gotten far better with it now.

All the Best,
D. White
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It takes a lot to master the PT140 G2. Recoil is snappy but not overly so.
Thanks you guys. Sounds like my first plan is on point. I plan to have a good friend give it a go. He trains weekly and is quite accurate with everything he shoots.

It just threw me that I had issues with the Taurus when the American compact in 45acp did not cause me any issues. Both are polymer guns. It was also the first time I ever shot the American and the first time I shot 45...
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