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I am purchasing a PT111ti from a online site.
I have shot a rental from a range (not the Ti one though) before and liked them.
The serial # is TVC65xxx.
When I went to the TAURUS website and entered that on their date of manufacture thingamabob it says it was 2002.
I'm doing searches on this site and others and I am wondering if there is anything I should look out for when I pick-up the gun. (yes, it is in FL and I'll be paying and inspecting IN PERSON)
I have read of "frame splitting" issues on the .45 models on early models, does this include ALL early Milleniums?
I am aware of TAURUS's lifetime warranty having owned a PT92 almost 20yrs ago..........wow time fliiiiies..... :eek:
Anything anyone can can tell me would be greatly appreciated....
....good or bad.....
Oh...by the way...yeah this is my first of many posts....so nice to meet all of you and let the newbie hazing begin!! ;D
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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