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On the Mil Pro- the low left is trigger. This gun has a poor long spongy trigger pull. Its a $300 gun. The groupings will improve over time- you will eventually get accustomed to the trigger and it will loosen a bit over time.
The mag drop is fairly common- but that does not make it okay. You can send it back to Taurus and have the spring on the mag release replaces- I recommend you do that. Also send the mag that you have the most trouble with- let them replace that also. That should fix you up except for the trigger pull- you just have to pull it til it gets limber.
On the 92.....let Taurus fix that trigger reset.

The Mil Pro problems are common, the 92 problem is not common.
I know its a bummer for a new gun to have trouble- but it happens, and not only with Taurus. I have Bersa, Springfield, S&W, and others that have needed repair- and some right out of the box. I have had 3 Taurus pistols. 2 have been good (111 and 845), one was a complete dud ( 738 ).

The main thing here- DON'T LOSE HEART.
Call Taurus and ship them both back at the same time.

Edit: The shipping and repairs should be no cost to you- Taurus should send you a pre-paid shipping label, and the repairs will be free.
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