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I recently picked up both a PT92 AF and a PT111 Mil pro. Having problems with both of them.

I've managed to follow the instructions for both as best I can. I've put about 250 rounds through each of them thus far as best as I can. I've only used Blazer Brass 115 grain FMJ brass ammo with both guns thus far which is basically all I've been able to find for ammo.

So what's the problem? Well with the PT111 I have massive problems with the magazine popping out darn near every time I pull the trigger. I know it's not me as I've hooked it up to vice bench rest so I could pull the trigger without ever having any part of my hand near the mag disconnect. One magazine is certainly worse than they other, but they both pop out when shooting and do so often. It's been a massive pain putting those 250 rounds through it. I have to basically push the mag constantly into the gun or use some other means to affix it firmly in place to prevent the magazine from flying out with every shot.

Not only that, it's inaccurate as all hell. When viced into a rest, the groupings are more than 6 inchs apart at 7 yards. Every shot also goes to the left and low. It's just seems to be a massive turd. Which is a bummer since I love the look and feel of the gun in my hands.

As for the PT92AF I also purchased at about the same time, I have the problem of the trigger not resetting every so often. I've cleaned it several times and make sure there is zero grit in the trigger area. Still, every so often after I press the trigger when firing the trigger stays down without resetting. I literally have to pull the trigger back forward when it happens. Otherwise it shoots fine when the trigger problem doesn't happen. I think out of 250 shots it has done it about 15 times or so. It's pretty random when it happens. I'll go 20-40 shots with nothing and then it'll screw up 1 to 4 times in a row. Then back to fine for the next 20 shots. Unlike the PT111 I have which doesn't seem capable of hitting the wall of a barn from the inside, this gun at least can shoot the same hole at 7 yards.

These common problems for this gun? Is there something I can look at to see what might be wrong without having to spend money trying to get them fixed? Really hate buying a brand new item and having to then spend money on shipping to get it working.
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