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The MilPro series of pistols has an outstanding plus... there is very little you will want to "hang on" these guns. No high dollar grips, do-hickies, or thing-a-majigs!

It lets you spend your money on a good holster... do some reading and looking... asking opinions, but making up your own mind for your own needs and then buy something worth the money (I've got several cheap holsters that will never been used... can't sell them in a gragage sale because my wife would know how many I've bought!)

Then with the rest of the money you've saved... go shooting! There is no better single investment in your new gun than time spent practicing to make you into the shooter you want to be!

One of the reasons that the PT1911 isn't getting the respect it deserves is that a lot of 1911 shooters have a check list of putting those enhancements on their guns and are frustrated that it comes with it already. Of course they pay $600 for their gun... put $300 worth of trinkets (upgrades) on it... and then offer to sell it for $550 so they can buy another gun?
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