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Hi Jake, welcome to the forum! The first thing I do with a new gun is field strip it and give it a thorough cleaning. Guns that come right out of the factory are wiped down on the outside, but the internals usually have machine grease, or oil, and gunk and grime in them just from going through the building process. You want to make sure that is all cleaned off. I know it sounds silly, but a deep first time cleaning can resolve quite a few issues.

If that doesn't work, then find a new magazine and see if that resolves the issue. I have seen many FTE and FTF caused by a weak mag. Mdbullet makes a good suggestion, one I have read has worked for others, so you could give that a try. But before going through all that, give your mags a good cleaning just to ensure nothing is "gunking" them up.

The next step would be to tune the extractor. I don't know anything about the PT-745, so hopefully somebody here would be able to give some input on how to do that. It might be just enough to break out some metal polish and polish it up a little (that and the feed ramp) but very lightly so as not to remove metal.

You have probably already did this, but double check the ejector and make sure it is in good shape, too.

Hope some of that helps.
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