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New Owner, Central Texas

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Well, this is my first time owning a gun myself. My husband is an enthusiest, and I made an offhanded comment about how I would rather have my own than have to rely on his in defense of our home and children, since his are always in random states of "upgrades". The rest is history, lol. Next thing I knew for my birthday we shopping and trying guns on for size for me.

Walked out with a Taurus PT92 5in all Black matte finish :D I was happy with the purchase, as it was the only one we tried that felt like it fit my hands and was balanced well for me.

Took it out to the range about a week latter and I'm in love all over again :D Put all 150 rounds we bought through it. Can't wait to go again.
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Welcome to the forums.

You've got a beaut of a pistol. PT92s are well established as excellent pistols.ANd the 9mm. cartridge has much going for it despite some "conventional wisdom" to the contrary.

Have to admit to being a .357 magnum/.38 Special/9mm. fan.

All the defense cartridges though have a lot going for them.

If you won't take my word for it :) then DRAEGER and the others will speak up. ;D

With all these Texans you should feel right at home. Texans to the right, the left, front and back. OH NO! :eek: :D This forum had a large group of them. :)

Please take time to read the FAQs, old and new threads which should bring you up to speed if this hasn't been done already.

Just for giggles here's some links that ladies and gents can use.

You folks may already be aware of these, but these may prove helpful for those yet to know. :)

www.corneredcat.com www.womenandguns.com

Pick a seat, kick upp the feet and sit a spell.
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Welcome from the KY, Horse Country!!
Welcome to the forum, glad to have you with us. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
A warm welcome from Tulsa Oklahoma! And as Qwiks draw
stated, Texans are very well represented here! :)
Welcome from West Texas! :wave:

And now the Texas Ladies are signin' up! Excellent! :thumb: :guns: :angel:

Don't be a stranger here TaurusMommy2, and maybe these guys will start mindin' their manners. :zzz:
Welcome lady and fellow Texan. Tell the Mr. you need your CHL. And yep the Taurus aint bad guns.
Welcome from Missouri !!
welcome from TN both wife and daughters enjoy shooting with me. Both daughters can even
out shoot there boyfriends LOL
Welcome from Virginia!
Just got my wife out to the range a week ago. She hadn't been out there for almost 25 years. I'm hoping she wants to get more involved with target shooting.
Welcome ... :wave:
My wife and daughter got into the bullseye target shooting and became much better shots.

This was something that the family or a couple can do and have something in common while having a lot of fun. Besides .22lrf ammo is cheaper than centerfire.

Just doesn't have the snort and the roar of the larger stuff though.
Welcome and howdy. Very knowledgeable bunch here, any questions just ask. We'll get you an answer of some kind. :D
welcome from georgia. always nice to see ladies getting on this site.
Welcome from North Texas. I am new to Taurus handguns but have really enjoyed this forum....lots of helpful guys and gals.
Welcome to the forum from Griffin Ga.
Welcome from Minnesota!
Good choice with the 92.
Welcome From Arizona :wave:
Glad that you are here..look around and have fun ;)
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