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New owner and need of a part

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Just bought the 1911 and so far I love it. I haven't even taken it to the range yet, but I like the faetures it comes with.

However, I have a problem. My right ambi thumb safety is broken. (see pic below) I will replace it myself instead of sending it to Taurus. I have the part number but want to know is there a 'secret' Customer service numbrt to call, or just use the one on the website? Also, will this be a free replacement? Don't care either or, just need it asap. Thanks for any input/advice.
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Now that safety is broken!
I would offer a sugestion. I'm not really a fan of ambidextrous safeties and I have replaced all of mine with the Wilson Combat (left side,single) (part#6B) You can order directly from Wilson Combat or from Midway. A thumb safety is not a drop in part!! I don't think Taurus will send you one, it has to be fitted to the gun. So be preparded to send the gun back or to order a replacement from W.C., Ed Brown, Cylinder and Slide or Brownells and take your pistol to a "qualified" gunsmith. It can be done at home, but you need the files and you need to know what you are doing. The Wilson Combat video on the Colt 1911 Auto diassembly and reassembly is worth its weight in gold. The Taurus 1911 uses the Colt Series 80 safety parts. The AGI video does not even compare in quality. It also shows you how to properly lube a 1911. Oil does not work on a 1911 except on a few places. If you don't buy the Wilson Combat grease go to an auto parts house and get a can of "Marine Lube A Lubriplate" and a small 3/16" touch up paint brush. Also recommended for a M1 Garand, M14/M1A, etc. Sorry for the long post I get wound up and I'm verbose.
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