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New owner and need of a part

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Just bought the 1911 and so far I love it. I haven't even taken it to the range yet, but I like the faetures it comes with.

However, I have a problem. My right ambi thumb safety is broken. (see pic below) I will replace it myself instead of sending it to Taurus. I have the part number but want to know is there a 'secret' Customer service numbrt to call, or just use the one on the website? Also, will this be a free replacement? Don't care either or, just need it asap. Thanks for any input/advice.
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I did. The part is on back order for ANOTHER month. :mad:
I plan on getting a Wilson Ambi safety and trying to fit it myself. I will remove the left side safety and file to match it.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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