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New old grips

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From a member here at TA I acquired a rarity, at least it is to me. Herrett checkered walnut Shooting Stars for S&W "J" frame square butt. I had never seen them before. Got them last saturday and installed them on a Model 31-1, 4" 32 S&W Long revolver. I love the little guns and the cartridge but the grips are small. What a difference!!!!
The revolver at the right rear, next to the S&W coffee cup is my casual shooter, the other (front) 31-1 is way to nice to field as long as I have my shooter. The left rear is a model 30-1, 3". The Herretts look good and fit me and the gun even better.


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Nice grips and even nicer revolvers.

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I know next to nothing about .32 S&W Long, so excuse me if this is a stupid question.

Are those cartridges NOS, just old or new? The box and lead certainly do *look* like they have some age.
Those aren't just nice lookin' grips, they are DARN NICE lookin' grips!! :D
The Remington -UMC box of ammunition dates to pre WWII and just shortly after. It is all original...50 rounds and yes the lead RN bullets have a patina. No problem, I'll never shoot them. I cast a lookalike RN and load my own. The 32 Long is probably my 2nd favorite cartridge to load and shoot.
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That last photo really shows how crisp the checkering is on the new grips. Nice photos, and nice revolvers!
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