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Hi everybody,
I just finished cleaning my newest purchase after its first trip to the range this morning.
I started seeing some of the model 651 “Protector” .357 (2" barrel, shrouded hammer) about 12 or 18 months ago and I knew I just had to have one. While I would go to the gunshows here in San Antonio every couple of months, whenever I found one, it just wasn’t the best time for a gun purchase.
Well, I went to the Saxet show yesterday with cash in hand for this specific gun. I found a blue steel one for $329 at one table, but I was interested in a stainless steel one. Couple of tables over I found another blued for $319. Right next to it, stainless, $369. I gave it a look over, and decided to buy it. $399 out the door. How does the price sound to anyone else? I have never seen this model at any of the local Academys or Sportsman’s Warehouses, so I really didn’t have a price in mind for comparison. Well I think the stainless looks great and ought to hold up well. I’ll have to post its pic along with my other Tauruses (Tauri?) later.
Out to the range this morning and tried it at 7 yards, Federal .38s shot great. Slow, careful double action shots stayed in the center 2 rings, (4" diameter? group) for all five shots. Blazer .357 158 grain just about as tight and still centered well. Sharper recoil, but not at all uncomfortable. For small grips, it still gave me a hand filling grip wrapping my pinky under and around the bottom of the grip. Then I tried Federal 125 grain .357s. Very sharp recoil but I was still able to keep all five shots in about 6". This load actually stung the palm of my hand, but the gun was still very easy to control.
So after 100 .38s and 40 .357s, I also tried 2 cylinders of each at 15 yards, kept all 20 rounds double action inside the 12" dia. target, I am very happy with my third Taurus.

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