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New millenium g2

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Just picked up the new g2 nice little gun have fed 100 rounds through it and three different types of ammo and it was flawless, don't like the trigger pull its hit me shooting about 6 inch. Low and 3 inches left. I have a question to any one who may help I noticed the top of the barrel where th slide rubs over where the shells eject it is getting scratches on it when the slide moves back and forth is this normal?
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Welcome aboard from Florida the "GunShine" state. :icon_ lala:

State of "1 MILLION" Concealed Carry Licenses and counting!
Scratches/streaks on flat top of barrel/slide interface is normal - note this is a lube point. I put a drop of Mobil 1 or Frog lube, jack slide a few times, then wipe, just leaving a thin film.

As for low and left, that will smooth out as you get familar with sight and trigger. Next range trip will be better as will subsequent visits.

.......................and WELCOME to forum.
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Welcome from NC. While I'm not an expert I'll give my opinion:

1) Scratches: assuming you are talking about the top of the barrel getting scratches as the slide cycles (particularly over the edge of the slide). I too have some minor scratches, This should be normal just because of the violent nature of the gun cycling. However, mine are extremely light (just makes it look less polished). If you can post a picture it helps the rest of us compare to our own guns and determine if its normal. You could have a bur on the inside of your slide causing abnormal scratches if they are thick/deep, But no worries, if its normal wear it shouldn't affect the operation of your gun.

2) Low and left: This could just as much be an "operator" issue. Humans by nature are not as perfect as a metal machine, our muscles are constantly twitching, moving, etc. Your trigger finger placement may very, etc. Practice will be the answer to that. You may have to adjust your sights, but I've found things like improper grip, using your knuckle instead of finger pad, or other minor things that most people dont think about affect your accuracy far more than a twist of a windage or elevation screw.

I know for a fact I place my sights on the bulls-eye every time I shoot, but it seems I'm almost always off by a few inches, and I know its 98% my fault. If you are at the range, or have someone else who you trust and is gun educated, let them shoot a few rounds to compare the bullet location on the target. Have someone watch you fire a few rounds off, or video tape yourself. Try shooting off a rest, pay for a short session with an instructor, or just spend more time at the range (my personal motto: all things get better with enough range time). All these options will help identify what you are doing wrong and what the firearm may need to change.
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Welcome and congrats on your new gun!
Welcome from north Texas !
Thanks for all the input and help hope to get more range time and practice more with finger placement I do shot with knuckle which is how I shoot my rifles and shotguns and do fine but will try just my finger pad and post results later thanks.
Welcome from NC.
I'm having the same issues with my new Mill G2. About 6in low and 3 left. I'm sure it's 98% user error on my part. I've never had a striker fired pistol with the Glock type trigger so it might take some getting used to. And, I'm also getting the same scratches. Will be testing more when I can get some ammo.
Welcome from Texas and congrats on the PT111 G2!
Hello from Central North Carolina and welcome to TaurusArmed.net. You are going to find some
friendly and knowledgeable people here. You are right about the Taurus trigger pulls, they are
also heavy on their revolvers but once you get used to them, things seem to iron themselves
out. (at least in my case)
congrats on the new gun. I had the same problem when using my pt111 for the first times. Practice and it wil become easier to improve your groups and poi
Congrats on the new G2. That one is next on my list. You might try practice with dry fire with a snap cap. That's what I have been doing. It makes seeing what your sights do during your trigger pull much easier.
Welcome from New Mexico, glad to have you. All the advice so far is spot on, continue to practice, let someone else shoot the gun and compare results. If it ends up being you continue to practice, if it is the gun, then adjust the sites as needed.
Welcome from Oklahoma. Congratulations on your new firearm.
congrats on the new firearm. My gen 3 left a few scratches in the same place.Easy fix with an hard Arkansas stone to remove the bur on the slide.
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