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New Mil Pro PT111 Range Report

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After having to wait 2 days for the range to open, I finally got a chance to take my new PT111 Mil Pro to the range for the first time yesterday. Since this was a new gun I did clean and oil everything before heading out. I had no feed, fire, or eject failures. I only had time to fire 100 rds of FMJ and JHP before the range closed. A few things I noticed were;

1. Trigger pull was easy and smooth, but the break point is taking some time to get used to. Even after plenty of dry firing (on an snapcap) it’s not the same crisp feel I’m used to.
2. I was having a tough time getting used to the figure 8 sights. Everything was low, way low at first.
3. Numerous times slide failed to lock open when mag was empty. I did find that both mags had a lot of up and down play and if I kept my steady hand under the mag that it locked open as it should.
4. No problems feeding JHP.
5. Recoil is milder than I expected for a smaller, lightweight semi-auto.
6. Accuracy was good at 20 yds. after I figured out the sight picture.

Has anyone else had a problem with the slide lock on an empty mag. and if so, how did you fix it. Sending it back to Taurus is a last resort.

I am very happy with my new Mil Pro and can’t wait to put more lead down range tomorrow. I like the way it feels and fires. It is much easier to shoot than the Ruger I had and it will definitely carry better once my new holster gets here.
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