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Hello from Connecticut...
Things are getting crazy out there, so I bought my first gun last week. It's about time...I've had my permit for 8 years! Yeah, I know.
Got a Taurus 9mm G3c. Seems good for range & home protection.

I want to get a Mag Loader & saw one online for a Glock. Instead of putting the device on top of the magazine, you put the device on the table, insert the mag downwards & hit it like a stapler. Haven't been able to find anything like that for mine...and knowing less than nothing about accessories, not sure if it would work on a Luger type gun. The Uplala model looks good, but I'm concerned about the constant squeezing. And I saw a video where you have to get an adaptor for a "single stack". So complicated...I just want to point, shoot and not break a nail :) Any thoughts? (be nice)

Been researching ammo. Got a box of Hornaday, hollow point, 115gr, brass casing from the store...their choice. Plus a box of round tips.
I want to shop around...$30/box seems steep...but not sure if I need to stick with brass. Should I care? Is it a sales gimmick? Is any 115gr bullet ok???

Ok, that's it for now. Laters...🏴‍☠️
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Welcome from West Texas!
Greetings from Canton, Ga!
Welcome from North Texas!
Think I paid around $23 for a box of brass 124 grain FMJ, but that’s been a few months back. $30 might be about right for hollow points.
:) Hi and welcome aboard from nw PA!
Welcome from North Texas. Go with the Uplala. Very little effort needed to load magazines, buy it you won't be disappointed. I place mine on a towel at the range to keep the mag from sliding.
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I vote UpLuLa. Some ranges lend these to shooters. Check with your range to see if they have one you can use on your next trip then you can see if it is right for you!
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Welcome to the forum from South-Central PA.

Definitely, go with the UpLula ! Works for just about everything except 22LR, in my experience. Single-stack, double-stack, 380ACP to 45ACP - WITHOUT any adaptor.. The more you use it, the faster and easier it gets - you learn coordinated motions.

(Edited: Earlier I said 32 ACP and I meant 380 ACP. I tried it once with 32 and had mixed results - not perfect on that caliber. My error, )

G3C good choice for a first gun. Field-strip it first, clean it well, lube it judiciously, practice with it, and you'll find it does what you bought it for.

As for ammo, the Full Metal Jacketed (FMJ) 115 grain round-nosed ammunition is good practice ammo. Brass cartridge cases are first choice, but (brand "Blazer") aluminum can be less expensive and work just as well. Steel case ammo will probably work in a pinch, but it is usually foreign-made (usually current or former Soviet Bloc) and usually a bit "dirtier" than domestic ammo.

After cleaning and familiarization with the gun, you should fire at least one magazine-full of your self-defense hollow-point ammo to be sure it is going to work if/when you need it to.

Oh, and did I say, Welcome to the forum"?
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welcome from northern Rockies. the Uplula is the gold standard of loaders. buy it from a reputable outfit, as there are counterfeits out there. your fingers will thank you.
Welcome to the forum from Southwest Florida!!
Welcome to the forum from Northern Oklahoma!
Welcome to taurusarmed.net from an Old Soldier in Olympia, WA; in the Great Pacific Northwest - "Taurus® Spoken Here!" Hooaaahhhh!!!!!
Welcome aboard!

From SW Kansas
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