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Good Morning,

New to the group. Just purchased a .357, and wanted to learn more about Taurus.

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Welcome from Arizona.... :shooter:...

. Just purchased a .357

Now thats what i am talking about ;) own a .357 Tracker Myself ;D

Ask any question in here , you will not be disappointed...

Have fun
Welcome to the forum, we're glad you could join us. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
Thank you everyone for the kind words. Had an XD .45, coulden't stand it, and stumbled upon a model 65 3" a few days ago, made in 91, and near flawless. I can't wait to shoot it this weekend.
CliffB, welcome to the forums. You'll find a wealth of knowledge and conversation about revolvers at these forums. Revolvers are still very valid as a defense piece.

There have been a few 3 in. barrel threads here. One just recently. Factory ammo board and the Taurus Revolver section should give you lots to look over in going over new and old threads.
Thanks again :) I will look at those threads.
Welcome from Tennessee! I'm new too and I am really enjoying this site.
Tennessee? Used to live in Knoxville. Small world, thanks :)
I used to be an E.M.T. in Knoxville. I worked for Rural/Metro for several years.
Welcome........good to see some are still kickin it old school. :D
Hi from DE. Getting lots of new members recently. Welcome to the best palce on the internet for information or solutions to any problems you might have with Taurus guns. :)
Well, thanks to yall, I have found out what I originally came here for, and more. I plan to be part of this community for as long as yall will have me.

Thanks again.
Yall? You from Texas pard?

Anyway, welcome from West Texas! :wave:
Smokewagon said:
Yall? You from Texas pard?

Anyway, welcome from West Texas! :wave:
Grew up in Katy, just outside Houston. Thanks for the welcome.
Welcome. I also remember when Katy used to be outside Houston.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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