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New member... refugee from old site

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Well, here I am, came over from the old site. Too bad it is going to close. It has been moribund for a while so we're off to newer and better things!

I am from Utah and am interested in .41 Magnum revolvers, particularly the Taurus Tracker 4" barrel versions.
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Welcome to the forum Rio and Big Mike. I'm the guy who found out that the old place was going to cave when communicating with the moderators at our sister site at Rugerforum.com. Give major credit to Flyer here, for putting us up here and putting up with us. ;D :) :clap: :) He's the guy who set up everything and put his time and energy into this. Glad you caught up with us. Hate to lose anyone for any reason. All are important and have much to contribute. The .41 magnum is a great and vastly underated cartridge. It does so much and does it better than the medium bores.
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