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New member... refugee from old site

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Well, here I am, came over from the old site. Too bad it is going to close. It has been moribund for a while so we're off to newer and better things!

I am from Utah and am interested in .41 Magnum revolvers, particularly the Taurus Tracker 4" barrel versions.
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Greetings, all, :wave:

I also am new, having been at the other unitedforums site for only a short time. Thank you, admins, for creating this forum prior to the other disappearing.

I'm presently located in Indiana, which I think has among the best self-protection/self-defense laws in the nation, though I'm not posting that to generate argument; you're free to disagree all you want! ;D

Looking forward to good info and good discussions here.

Blessings, all.
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