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Just bought a used PT145 Mil Pro 3rd gen, and I love the gun. Shoots fantastic for me, and fits my small hands very well.

A couple of years ago I sold all of my guns after having a very negligent discharge. It was a real wake up call, and I realized I had lost the respect for guns that I needed to have to own them.

I bought a used PT145 Mil Pro 3rd gen locally, and have only put 200 rounds through it so far, but I love it.
Was wondering if there is anyone in or around Georgetown that has a 24/7 and might like to get together for a shoot.
I'm determined this time around to not get sucked into the buying/selling/trading frenzy that I always do with everything I get involved in. I'm going to stick with just one gun, the PT145, but would like to shoot a few different guns if possible, just for variety.

I normally shoot at Stan's outdoor range, on 183, but can meet up with ppl in or around Austin, if anyone wants to meet up and do a bit of shooting.

My email addy is: [email protected]
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