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My hobbies include hunting, fishing, gold panning, shooting, and starting to learn long range shooting with my rifles.
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Greetings from Canton, Ga!
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Welcome to the forum from Southwest Florida!
:) Hi and welcome aboard from nw PA!
Welcome from West Texas!
Welcome from LA..................(lower Alabama)

" gold panning"!!!!......now I'd like to give that a try. :unsure:
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Welcome to you from South Central Pennsylvania.

One thing about those hobbies, you don't need thick socks and waterproof boots to shoot long-range rifle. But the rewards are kinda different, though.
welcome from northern Rockies. good luck with your panning. the pay is pretty meager, but much more fun than flipping burgers at McD's.
Welcome from South Texas!
Welcome to the forum from Northern Oklahoma!
Glad to have you with us -- from the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee.
Welcome to taurusarmed.net from an Old Soldier in Olympia, WA; in the Great Pacific Northwest - "Taurus庐 Spoken Here!" Hooaaahhhh!!!!!
Hello and welcome from Indiana!
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