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New member here with a question

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Hi Folks, I'm newly registered here and have been enjoying this forum
as a reader.

First off, I'd like to say that I'm a new 24/7 Pro convert.
I've had 1911s for a couple decades then switching to the XD.
After handling the 24/7 9mm and making the purchase, I'm converted.
IMO, it's the best handgun value out there.
I no longer own the 1911s or XD and am saving up for the next 24/7.

I've looked thru the archives and don't see the answer I'm looking for.
Please accept my apology if the answer is there and I overlooked it.

Does anyone here use 9mm +P?
The Taurus website says it's OK but the manual warns against damage.
I purchased some +P awhile back (HST 124 gr, 1200 fps) for self defense use.
The manual does give a 1225 fps max.
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I wouldn't make it my range ammo. But as SD ammo it will be fine.
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