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New Member From Texas

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Hello everyone I just found this site the same day I just picked up my second Taurus firearm a PT145 PRO my other is a Judge Public Defender Poly.
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Welcome from the Rust Belt USA....
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Welcome from Indiana!!
Hello from Central North Carolina and welcome to TaurusArmed.net. You are going to find some
friendly and knowledgeable people here.
Welcome from SW Kansas. This site is full of some of the best real world info there is.
Welcome from Kentucky!
Welcome to big ole Texas from little ole New Hampshire
Welcome from South Tulsa.
Welcome from north Texas!
Howdy from the Big D!
Welcome from central Hellaware..
Welcome to TaurusArmed.net from Olympia, WA; in the Great Pacific Northwest!
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Welcome aboard from Florida the "GunShine" state. :icon_ lala:

State of over "1 MILLION 120 THOUSAND" Concealed Carry Licenses & counting!
Welcome from Texas!

Do your fellow compatriots a favor and head on over to the lounge and participate in the Texas Poll if you haven't already!
Welcome from West Texas! :wave:
Hello and welcome to the forum from Southeast Tennessee;;
1 - 20 of 44 Posts
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