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New member from Texas

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Hey all,

I was at The High Road and got an invitation for which I'm grateful. I'm retired here in central Texas and I get to shoot often at my pasture target range. I have been collecting mostly semi-autos and love them. I have an S&W Sigma 9VE, Ruger P95DC, Glock G22, CZ 40B, three Hi-Points (.380, 9mm & .45), some commie guns: an FEG PA-63 in 9mm Makarov, a CZ 52, 1895 Nagant revolver AND my pride and joy, my newest acquisition : a Taurus Model 65!

I reload my own so I burn a lot of powder and enjoy it! I'm glad to be here.

Dave :D ;D :)
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Welcome fellow Texacan, you will enjoy this group, pasture shootin is best way to go and allot cheaper.
Welcome! If you are around DFW feel free to invite some of us over for some shootin!
Welcome From Arizona :wave:

Looks like you have plenty of guns top shoot :shooter:
Probally is a good thing you reload ;) :D

Dad Gum...Another Texan..When will this ever end... :bang: :D :D :D :D

Have fun in here... :yipee:
dbsguy we're ganing up on yall :guns:
Welcome to the forum, we're glad to have you with us. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Best Wishes
Howdy and welcome.
Welcome aboard from the sandbar. Hmmm. According to the official count in the lounge, state stats are as follows. Texas= 33, Florida= 23, Ohio= 18, Min. & Arizona tied at 11.
But only 225 of us are proud of where we live. (dig,dig)
Welcome from West Texas :wave:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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