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new member from southern WV

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Hello everyone, I would like to thank all of you for such an informative forum. The members are a bunch of really knowledgable shooters who have helped me make informed decisions when it comes to Taurus products. I recently bought my 2nd taurus pistol (pt 1911) and so far it has been an enjoyable experience. This is my first time ever using a 1911 type pistol and you guys have helped me greatly.
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Welcome to the forums.

I was going to recommend reading The FAQs section and the stickies at all the boards, but that looks like that's been covered. :)
Welcome from Missouri !!
Welcome From Arizona.....aaronc53 :wave: Glad that you are here..look around and have fun .
Wow.. you will enjoy shooting a 1911 :thumb:...I have had many, but now I only can read about everybody shooting theres.. :rolleyes:
I will have another one day :) :)
Welcome from the KY, Horse Country!!
Welcome from West Texas! :wave:
Welcome from Colorado Springs. Great name, mine is Aaron too.
aaronc53, welcome to Taurus Armed from VEGAS!
Welcome to the forum, glad you could join us. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
Welcome to the forum from Griffin Ga.
Hi Aaron,
Welcome from Minnesota!
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