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Issues.....hummmmm,,,,,well there is conciderable abrasion of the finish on the left side of the grip safety and the left side of the trigger from poor QC on the inside of the frame where obviously metal burrs were left from manufacture. Also double fires, emptied a full mag. in 4 trigger pulls the first time, second time it double fired one time and I found the trigger to be at 1/2 cock with a live round chambered. It's a shame that the folks at Taurus think that the spot on the Heinies front sight is where the shot should hit and not the top of the sight bar (as is the aim point when no dot is on a front sight), impossible to shoot center mass when the sights are machined to shoot that aim point. Doubt anything will be done for that. Ships to Miami on Monday.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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