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New Member from NC

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say hi from North Carolina. I am new to Taurus and I am going to buy my first Taurus this Saturday. I am thinking about the Taurus G2C in stainless.

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Welcome from Brooker Florida. Hope you survived Florence with minimal trouble.
Welcome to TA from Minnesota.
Welcome from West Texas! :hand26:
Welcome to the forum from Northern Oklahoma.
Welcome from Bastrop, Texas
Welcome from just south of Raleigh.
Welcome from Ca swell county!
Welcome to TA from Cherokee County, Georgia.

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Welcome to the Forum from North Texas! :wave: We're mighty glad you decided to join "Ye Merrye Crewwe". :thumb:
Welcome from South Texas. Good choice on the SS, because of the poor black finish. I have the SS also.
Welcome to the forum

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Welcome to you from West Central Illinois. Glad you decided to join us. I was born in South Carolina a loooong time ago!:cool:
Welcome aboard, from Las Vegas!
You're gonna like that gun.
Welcome from Northern Illinois! I may become a transplanted Tar Heel myself...we visited a few months back and like the area and people a lot!

I might add, I think you're going to like that pistol...I have the G2 and it sees a lot of activity.
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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