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New member from Canada

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My name is Tim Gordon and I'm from Ontario, Canada. In the spring of this year I started the hiring process with my local police department, I'm sure things differ from state to state in the U.S. but in Canada it's quite a long process before you even get hired and then go to police college. I have never been interested in firearms before and had never used one, I picked up my firearm license and took the extra time to get restricted status (allowing me to purchase, own and use pistols/revolvers) and purchased a Glock 22 to practice with at the range before police college. At first I treated shooting as professional development only, the Glock was simply utilitarian and I didn't enjoy the sport. Then, something clicked when I saw a Beretta, what a gorgeous looking firearm. Unfortunately with the looming cost of police college I can not afford to purchase a Beretta so instead I've found a good deal on a used Taurus PT92.

This is what brings me here, soon, I will be a proud Taurus owner!

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Well, welcome to our humble board and good luck in your studies.

You've got a great pistol in the PT92 - they have quite good reputations for accuracy and reliability... and as you say, they look pretty good too.

Don't forget us 'little guys' when you're a big-shot policeman! :)
Welcome aboard!!! I've always liked the Taurus version better as they put the safety in a better location!! ;D
Hello and welcome; your 92 will serve you well, keep feeding the G22 as well!
Thanks a lot for the warm welcome!

Any recommendations of best places to order 10 round mags for the PT92, also any good grip recommendations? I'm thinking about getting a LaserMax internal laser (replaces guide rod) for the PT92 because the one I have for my Glock 22 is just SO much fun.

Also, any ammo you know of that these Taurus' prefer?

Any preference/word on the 92C models? I have a line on a good one for cheap but can't decide between a 92C and a Glock 19. Let me know what you think would work best.
Of course you can probably get them directly from Taurus - might be a bit expensive. CDNN might have some.

It should digest just about any commercial ammo - not sure what brands you have in Canada - there are several factory reload companies which I use a lot of at the range... had a few problems but at the range I can clear it and keep shooting.

The Glock 19 is a nice model. I've heard of them being carried as duty guns. The "cheap" 92c - first try to determine WHY it's cheap.. mistreated? Look it over and if at all possible, test fire it, at least a few mags of ammo.
Welcome from Arizona...this is the place to ask questions :)

Have fun.. :shooter:
Welcome aboard, glad you could join us. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
Is there anything I should look out for? Does this look troubling? The vendor calls it muzzle rub, I believe it's only superficial? I think I'm getting a good deal on this pistol, only $450 Canadian. To be honest, I wish I was getting just a few bucks less because of the looming cost of police college coming up.

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not sure if it is a problem..my 1911 had the same thing, i always figured it was part of the break in of the gun...you probally should post that question in the Smithing Section of the forum..i know some one will have a real answer.. and i am curious myself ...now...i will be looking for your post...happy hunting
Welcome Tim from your neighbor to the South.
if you already have a G22, I'd pass on a G19...unless you want to trade it...

Get a PT92/92FS for sure! as you said yourself they are beautiful guns. That gun in your picture had a few (??) thousand rounds thu it the wear on the barrel is like the guy said from slide moving back during recoil, happends with pretty much all guns...
I agree with Gray; get the PT92 and then spend $120.00 or so and get a 9mm conversion barrel and 9mm mag for the G22. Best of all worlds!
Just wondering why not get a G19 if I already have the G22? They're too similar?
Nope. Makes good sense to get a similar type gun. Same manual of arms and you know the type well. No mindset transition needs to take place when switching from one to the other.

The above recommendations by others are good to. Just for different reasons.Covers a broad spectrum and of economy related to shooting.
Clear as mud tain't it?
Thanks for the input qwiks draw!

Personally, I want to get the G23 because I believe it will be more fun to shoot than the full size G22 I have. Also, I plan on getting a conversion barrel for the G23 down to 9mm but not the G22. I strictly use the G22 as a utilitarian pistol, prepartion for police college and that's about it, the PT92 to me is a great looking pistol that I can't wait to shoot and the G23 I hope will be more comfortable and sporty feeling than the G22.
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