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New member from Alabama

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Just thought I'd introduce myself. Purchased my first handgun less than a year ago (Taurus PT1911) and I'm loving it. Still trying to learn all the ropes regarding shooting etc. This looks like a good source of info.
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Welcome to the forum. Good gravy. Another 1911 fan? :D :) :D Why not? Glad to have you here.
Might I suggest that you start with a search using the tab marked that for PT1911 related threads from the archives. Then there are the FAQs to read that might pertain directly to you situation or might. Or as we call it, "Meet the FAQers". :D ;) ;D :) The 1911 fan club is large so feel right at home.
Welcome aboard Phantom45. :) There is a wealth of info on the board on all things Taurus and many PT1911 enthusiasts.
Welcome. U couldnt have picked a better weapon to start out on, the 1911. Was my first gun too though it belonged to my G.I.Joe. He let me take it whenever I wanted. Love that Alabama red clay ;D.
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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