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New Member-Blue Grass State

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After almost 40 years, with limited guns! I found Taurus and this site.

Have 45/410 revolver, and PT111 Pro both I am learning to use.
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welcome to the site. and which part of the bluegrass you from?
Ok should have mentioned that I live in the northern Kentucky area!

Have a small private stable, "our own horses only, and my own outdoor range to play on, after being away from guns for almost 40 years.
Welcome, you will wonder why you left it. I just got back into it myself, I admit I was a fool for selling all my stuff.
Hope you enjoy as much as I have.
Welcome From Arizona  :wave:

Looks like you have found a home.....
Glad you are with us..look around and have fun :D
Welcome to the forum fellow Kentuckian, glad to have you with us. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Best Wishes
November 17, 2007 a blast from the past....
Ok, who is reviving these old chestnuts. Yeah, I got here that long ago.
Howdy from the NC Mtns. This is a great Forum!
Welcome to the forum from Griffin Ga.
and it continues...
Date stamp guys, date stamp. And thanks to Sig_229_Elite, post count too! :mad: :D
Welcome anyways Robby :D Even if you've been here since the beginning....

When will folks start checking dates...
man i can't believe it.who would do somthing like that!!!
Welcome to the forum, from Toledo, Ohio! ;D
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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