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I wanted to thank alot of the memebers for the info that has been posted to this site. It help me make my mind up about buying a taurus, I have had it at the range already and fell in love, like most of you have stated here in the past the trigger takes some practice but after a heine sights adjustment and the 4th clip, I was driving nails at 10 yards. I was hoping that maybe someone might know this, the first 3 letters on my Pt145pro are NAR, I have read here that for a 3rd gen, it needs to have a Z in the letters, for more info. I have a Tan and Black PT145 pro one the right side and Mill only on the left, it has rails and the henie sights, 10+1 mag. I asked the salesman at Cabelas if this was a 3 gen, he said 3gen specail edition. Has anyone heard of this before.
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Sorry, I cant spell or type all that well, also wanted to say that I have read on this site that the recoil of this weapon takes some pratice, i think this 145 has less recoil than my glock 32(357), any and so dose my wife, she wants the 145 now, thats the only problem I have with the weapon.
Got a question has any one tried the LaserLyte sub-Mimi on the 145, I looked at one and it likes like it will fit but the reviews on the laser, well must say they suck!
If anyone has info want like to hear from you.
This past friday put 100 threw the 145 and 100 threw the glock32, i have shot the glock more and did better as far as groupings but after shooting that a the 145 on the same day and after say the 4th mags i was driving nails at 10yards. the recoil for some reason felt less to me and I had already fired 100 threw the glock.

thanks for your input on the gen question, the heinie sight are dove tail and have the figure 8 sights, JG
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