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new Judge owner

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Hi All
Greetings from upstate NY.I just purchased my first Judge today(3"chamber-3"bbl.)With the new gun laws our dictator,oops,I mean governor just snuck into place,I don't know if I can still carry my S&W MP45and wanted to replace it,just in case.I'm looking for ideas on loading methods-mixture of 410&45lc,or all of one or the other?Any help will be apprieciated.
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Welcome from the Rust Belt USA....
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Welcome from Ohio!!
Welcome from Oklahoma.
Welcome from the left coast
from the Florida Keys! :wave:
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Welcome from South Dakota, move here and you can have both.
Welcome from Chillicothe Illi-kickmeinthejimmy-nois!
Welcome from South Tulsa.
Welcome from West Texas! :wave:
Welcome aboard from Florida the "GunShine" state. :icon_ lala:

State of 1 Million Concealed Carry Permits and counting
Hello and Welcome from the Ozark Mtns of Arkansas. I have the M66 357 Magnum you see in my signature pic so I cant help you on that but I can give cingrats on the new Judge.
Hello from Central North Carolina and welcome to TaurusArmed.net. You are going to find some
friendly and knowledgeable people here. Good old #00 buckshot works well in my Judge, you might
try that. There are several personal defense rounds for the Judge that work well.
Hello and welcome from Southeast Tennessee;;
Welcome from Indiana!!
NICE been looking/drooling at one of those as well.. welcome from PA
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