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New in Michigan

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Howdy, just got the Polymer Public Defender. About 150 rounds thru it so far. My favorite of my guns so far.
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Welcome from Griffin Ga.
:wave: Welcome from Alabama and if you’re not a member of the NRA, please join today.

Join for $25 and save $10
Welcome from STL MO!!!!
Hello and welcome to the forum from Southeast Tennessee;;
Welcome from Texas,to the best forum on the net.
Welcome from da'UP!!!!!:thumb:
Welcome from Indiana!!
Welcome from West Texas! :wave:
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Welcome from the Rust Belt USA....

( Fishin' Hick )

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from the Florida Keys! :wave:
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Welcome from Iowa !!
​Welcome from little ole New Hampshire
Hello from Miramar...I'm new too and trying to get my post count!
Welcome from East Texas to the best gun forum on the internet.
Welcome to the best gun forum on the Internet.
Hello and Welcome from the Ozark Mtns of Arkansas.
Welcome from New Mexico, glad to have you.
1 - 20 of 43 Posts
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