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New in GA

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Thanks for having me here folks. I'm an air force combat arms instructor and been carrying a gun for about 22 years now in some shape form or fashion. I'm here looking for a very specific handgun that was stolen from my vehicle some time ago. My grandfather left me a Taurus 617 titanium 7 shot that was ported from the factory in gray. I'm interested in buying a replacement and I think i have come to the right place. Thanks for the help!
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Welcome to the forum from Southwest Florida!
Greetings from Canton, Ga!
Good luck on your hunt and welcome from North Texas.
Welcome from West Texas!
Welcome aboard from NW Arkansas. I'll keep an eye out. There are two 617's on gunbroker, but both appear to be stainless steel.
welcome from northern Rockies. i've lost guns in car break ins too. disheartning.
Best wishes for your hunt from South Texas!
Welcome to the forum from Northern Oklahoma!
Good hunting..

Welcome to taurusarmed.net from an Old Soldier in Olympia, WA; in the Great Pacific Northwest - "Taurus® Spoken Here!" Hooaaahhhh!!!!!
Welcome and good luck with your search.
Welcome from MA (Middle Alabama) -- enjoy your tour and AIM HIGH.
Welcome from a retired Air Force guy 🇺🇸
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