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New holster

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I ordered a new holster from Fobus today. It seems I am always waiting for a delivery. :D
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Cool for you...Don't you just hate waiting :D..lol
what is the holster for???
A gun.
grouchy hippo said:
Oh, great! Now I have to clean coffe off of my monitor.:D
grouchy hippo said:
Gee, and you wonder why we worry about the Hippy aka Hippo one!!
grouchy hippo said:
Lol. I bought it for my 140. It was delivered today but I won't get off work for another 1.5 hrs
Wow I love this holster. Now I am waiting on my uplula mag loader ;D
I had a Fobus paddle for a Kel-Tec P-3AT that worked great, I let it go with the gun when I traded it in on my M85 UL. I too hate waiting for stuff to get delivered. Right now I`m waiting on a gun belt from RaftersGunLeather and a IWB Bianchi #100 professional from OpticsPlanet.
My wife is getting tired of the UPS truck rolling up a couple times a week. ;D
My wife is away at work, and I run the farm, so I get all deliverys even hers. but, my new holster for my rossi, was not the correct fit, so I have to get a return Auth. and pray they do have one that will fit, from Fobus.

I know the holster you got for the 140, I love mine for the PT111. fits me and holds the gun well.
I think I will order the same one for my sigma. Oh and I got my mag loader from maglula. Wow it is great.
Well, I finally decided to get a couple things from MidwayUSA again. Three of 4 that I ordered were on sale. Just the Mag holder was not on sale this week.

351493 Fobus Belt Double Magazine Pouch Double-Stack 9mm 1
512090 HKS Revolver Speedloader 45 Colt (Long Colt) 2
768665 HKS Revolver Speedloader Rossi 971, (6-Shot) 3
952670 Maglula UPLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader 1

Now, if it will arrive when the wife is at work I will live for another month.
Still looks like I will have to order a leather custom holster, or a universal for the Rossi 461, 6 rd 357, Nothing stock from Fobus seems to fit.
Robby you will love that uplula. Magazine loading is no longer a chore
Lol... i had that coming :D :D
Too Funny ...grouchy hippo

Lol. I bought it for my 140.
Right on...
sounds like you are pretty happy.. :D
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