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New Holster Arrived

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I just want to share that my new holster from nm-holsters has arrived and it is sweet. It fits the 1911 like a glove. Nick did a great job in a short time at a great price.

I will post pics as soon as the wife gets home with the camera.

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I have a NM #1 and like it a lot. It fits my pt1911 as you stated like a glove. Will made holster for $40.00.
Lets see it. I am looking for a good holster myself!
This is Nicks web site www.nm-holsters.com.
This is my pt1911 in a Nick Mathews holster
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I believe rdoggsilva's pic above is the same as the holster starshooter231 ordered.
Yes rdoggsilva's pic is of the same holster but here are some pics anyway.

I must say I have been wearing this since it came in the mail on Sat and I LOVE IT.
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How do you like the mag holder. I was thinking about ordering one. Yes they are nice holsters and great workmanship. Some nice pics.
I like the mag pouch, it works well.
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