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Well I got my first IWB Holster today. It is a Don Hume H715 LH IWB leather holster for my pt 145. DAMN it is tight! What can I do to break in the holster? Are there any trick to make it loosen up?


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Don't mash on it. It'll only break it down. While lookin' at the tube just insert it and withdraw it repeatedly. (Unloaded of course.) And wear it. It'll loosen up in no time. I have two Don Humes and they started out tight. Now they are just right. :thumb: :zzz:

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My OWB from Don Hume for a PT111 was tight also. It will loosen up. I just put mine in and left it for a day or so. Plus a little drawing practice never hurt anyone, per Smokewagon.
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