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New here from MI...

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This is a hard place to get into ;D
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Welcome from the KY, Horse Country!!
Welcome to the forum from Griffin Ga.
Welcome to the forums.
Have you any Tauri per chance or are you info hunting? Like 'The National Inquirer', inquiring minds want to know. :D

If you thinks that a- maze-ing wait until you ask a question. ;) :devil:

Occasionally we do assign reading homework.

Do recommend that the FAQs board be read along with old and new threads in the areas of interest to you. That's if that hasn't been done already.
Welcome ... :wave:
sleepyweasel said:
This is a hard place to get into ;D
It's a lot easier if you're from Texas. ;D
Welcome to the forum, glad to have you with us. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
Welcome from Tulsa Oklahoma! It's good to have you here! :)
welcome from georgia buddy
Welcome from Missouri !!
Welcome from West Texas! :wave: :zzz:
I do have a few taurus pistols right now. A pt-22 and a pt-92 ar....both are the "wifes" guns, at least thats what she thinks :D

I have also had a pt145 milinium and a tracker in 22lr.

I am not real brand specific, along with taurus, I also have berettas, cz's, rugers,a kel-tec and others.
Howdy from another Michigan guy
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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