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New here from alabama

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Bought my first revolver today a model 66 6inch barrel love it but what's best way to sight it in doing it behind my house in woods where I also hunt is the cardboard at 5 yards then so on an so on.

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Welcome from West Texas! :hand26:

I don't have a 66, 6 inch, but a S&W 586, 6 inch, that I rested on sandbags and sighted, at about 25 yards. That was a few years ago, and I haven't had to change a thing.

Congratulations on your new purchase!:thumb:
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Welcome to the forum! Can鈥檛 help with the sight adjustments..sorry!
Welcome from North Texas. Glad you joined enjoy your time here.
Welcome to the forum from Northern Oklahoma.
Welcome from Northern Illinois! You revolver should be on the money. As suggested, shoot it from a rest to verify.
Welcome to TaurusArmed.net from Olympia, WA; in the Great Pacific Northwest!
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to the forum from the Florida Keys! :wave:
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Welcome from StL. MO!!
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Welcome to the forum.

66 in blued 4" circa 1986


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Hello and welcome from Indiana!
Welcome from Tennessee come on in and set a spell enjoy your time here.

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Welcome to TA from Minnesota.
Welcome from central Iowa. You'll find us more of a family that a forum, Great isn't it.
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