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New Guy with a PT24/7 Pro

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Well, yeah. I'm from Florida, just got to pick up my PT24/7 Pro Compact this morning. I got a few pictures of it, got it in a .40 S&W, I prefer the superior knock down over the 9mm version.

Here are a couple of pictures :)

And a picture of it with the 15 round magazine in it.
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drummin_man627 said:
Well howdy neighbor. Largo here. Welcome aboard.
Where do you shoot? I just bought a three month pass at Bill Jacksons. Only $49, and you can shoot anytime they're open. In fact I was there Sunday, and today (Tues). I'm gonna milk that 50 bucks. Now all I have to do is keep buying ammo.
Anyway......Jump in. Enjoy.
We own some property on the other side of Green Swamp, so we normally go there, but lately I have been looking into ranges. I thought about the Jackson's deal, but its pistols only, that kinda turns me off.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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