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New guy from S.E. Ky.

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Very nice web site,been in the shadows for awhile picking up info. My son has taken a intrest in shooting handguns and wanted me to get back in to competitive handgun shooting. I use to shoot IPSC twenty years ago. We are now shooting IDPA and enjoy very much (even though at my age I can't move as fast-but can still out shoot them). I have changed sights to the Wilson's but had to go back to the original front because it was shooting to low. Hey Thanks Linemansteve
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I carry a Colt 380 for CDW and when we travel - Ruger P-89 so I can shoot another class in IDPA- my forever faithful Ruger bull barrel 22lr. Also a few rifles and shotguns ( Love winchester 59's ) . I don't understand the people who downgrade the taurus guns, I have not had any problems with mine other than I did not care for the sights and changed them.
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