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Welcome to the forum and yes it is a good place to come to discuss Taurus products, other types of guns, and shooting in general.
I knew that you have a least one Ruger from your style of posting. :) Just kidding of course, but many members here also own at least one or more Rugers of sorts.

Since both companies "get not respect, no respect I tell you" at the other forums is it a wonder that we all want a haven of sorts away from that kind of thing.TFL and THR forums are notorious for this sort of dumping on the brands most of us use. Bargain and budget firearms that work and are dureable.

There are a lot more members at the various gun forums who have a "untouchable" brands of gun and are standing up for them despite the chair commandos or the trolls

Rugerforum.net used to be a sister forum to us until a move was made necessary by the old Taurus forum going away for many reasons.

Flyer was gracious enough to give us a new home and set everything up to start over and this place was built up from there.
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